Lights of India

Paper star lampshades - Plain, Printed & Embroidered

Our brand ‘Lights of India’ is a booming example of innovative thinking and creation. Our conception of the products, designing and creation is something we take extreme pride in, and ensure we have given our best in terms of creativity.

Our star lamps have been topping our sales ever since we started off with them, and comprise a large part of our collection. We follow the traditional methods and designs for our products, which alone gives that timeless touch to them. Our paper lampshades come in different sizes, shapes and colors, and are unique in terms of texture and color combinations. Our designers are well qualified and have professional experience in paper designing, and they come up with new designs after extensive brainstorming and intensive research of the designs.

Our folded paper stars are an excellent gift item, they can be used for decorative purposes as well; in anniversaries, birthday parties, Christmas and New Year decorations, or just decorative your home or using as a visual merchandise. The star lampshades can be folded and packed before shipped to you, where they can be unfolded to their original shape. We specialize in making our paper star lanterns from handmade paper and machine made papers. Our designers are trained exclusively for designing for our international clients.

Our current range of products for the star lamps include plain paper stars, kite paper pasted stars, embroidered and required stars and printed stars all of which preserve the authenticity of the respective traditional significance and designs, with a little experimentation from our designers to create a fusion art that appeals to our customers. We make 5 point, 7 point, and multi point stars in different sizes.

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