Lights of India

Snowflake, Sun & Flower Shaped Paper Lanterns

Paper Star lantern Lights
Paper Lanterns – One of the most beautiful things you can find around you. Nothing soothes the heart more than some strikingly beautiful and unique paper lanterns. At Lights of India, we design our paper lanterns that are inspired from everyday objects, like the Sun, Sunflower, and Snowflakes etc. Our designers have a keen eye for detail, and they make sure they have done a thorough research of the market before coming up with a new and unique paper product for our exclusive collection. And this is why our customers love what we make, because we shape their dreams. Most of our paper lantern lights are white in colour because these go great with the lights.

Our creative paper lantern lights have been accepted well by our international buyers. Our products are rather easy to use; we make sure these can be folded and unfolded back to their original three dimensional shapes before you put them up for decorations. Our paper lanterns make an ideal gift in about any occasion, and you can use these for decorations in your home, office, window decorations, at a birthday party, anniversaries, weddings, Christmas, New Year, and the list goes on. Our products are used by visual merchandising companies for showroom decorations as well. You can buy all the necessary electrical equipments with our paper lantern lights along with the paper products, since most of our items need specific lighting effects to create the right ambiance. We sell and ship all our items in thick cardboard boxes for your convenience.