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Paper Lampshades – Plain & Printed

Plain & Printed Lamp shades

Paper Lampshades have been very much in demand ever since we have launched these. At Lights of India, we pride ourselves in making the best out of crafted paper products and our different perspective when it comes to our paper lampshades have made these very popular.

With Lights of India, you can get your hands on some of the most exciting and unique paper lamp shades ever.  These are developed, designed and created by our designing team after an extensive market study and research. Our designing team has hands-on experience in paper crafting and they are capable of designing some of the most unique paper lamp shades our customers can ask for. These items are solely based on the properties of paper and so these can be folded flat and then unfolded to make three dimensional shapes out of these.

At Lights of India, our paper lampshades are made out of paper. These papers are printed, die cut and then pasted according to the needs, which makes them unique. We ensure to use vibrant colors for better lighting effects. Most paper lampshades are made from plain papers which emit soothing light when lit up. We offer two types of paper lamp shades– plain and printed; both of which are famous for their own ambiance and lighting effects.

Since our products demand specific lighting, we provide electrical items to go with our paper products as well. You can get the necessary cord sets (CE and UL electric cord sets) with our paper lamp shades as well. Our products are sold in thick cardboard boxes along with the electric cord sets and instructions.

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